First Time Special

40 Minute Light Session for $55.00 (value $100.00)

  • Coverage Up to Four Areas of the Body
  • Free Assessment
  • Free Treatment Plan
Non-invasive | No chemicals | Life-changing Light Therapy

First visit

What TO expect

A clean and comfortable treatment room.

A friendly, compassionate phototherapist to assist you.

A relaxing, comfortable session.

A nice little nap (most people sleep during the session).

Thermal effects can be felt instantly.

Photochemical effects begin 6-8 hours after the session.

Cumulative, lasting relief, 48 hours with the energy * (discussed during your consultation)

Our light is well known to work fast and effectively, but it most likely will take more than one session for long lasting relief. We encourage a package of sessions to receive the most benefit from our specialized Photobiomodulation Therapy. MOST pain and ailments are relieved within 2-6 weeks, even with pain levels of 10/10!



The Experts in light therapy

We are simply enLIGHTened humans who are super passionate about giving back and sharing our Light with everyone we possibly can. We started out by helping our family and friends and will continue to spread the Light to increase longevity and natural healing, globally. 

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Let us
help you heal.

UltraRed wants to emphasize that we are not licensed medical doctors. We are neither diagnosing, treating, curing, prescribing nor preventing any illness or disease.

​We are not licensed in any medical field and we encourage you to seek or continue using licensed medical help with your ailments.