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First Time Special

40 Minute Light Session for $55.00 (value $100.00)

  • Coverage Up to Four Areas of the Body
  • Free Assessment
  • Free Treatment Plan

Relaxation, Pain Management, and Beauty

​Just Getting Started

$500 for 10 Session + 2 FREE

$50 Single Session

Acute Targeted Treatment

20 Minute Sitting

Quick Fix

Two Areas Treated

Help Me

$900 for 10 Sessions + 2 FREE

$90 Single Session

Most Popular Treatment Service

40 Minute Sitting

Fast & Effective

Up To Four Areas Treated

Get Right With Light

$1,200 for 10 Session + 2 FREE

$120 Single Session

Full Body Regeneration

60 Minute Sitting

Long Lasting Relief

Up To Six Areas Treated

Fat Burning

Trim & Slim

$1,200 for 10 Sessions + 2 FREE

$120 Single Session

Fat Burning

40 Minute Sitting

1 Target Area with Green/IR Light + 1 Area with Red/IR Light

Requires 30 Minute Post Treatment Exercise

Burn & Slay

$1,500 for 10 Sessions + 2 FREE

$150 Single Session

Fat Burning + Metabolism Booster

60 Minute Sitting

1 Target Area with Green/IR Light + Up to 3 Additional Red/IR Light (Facial , Lymph Draining, Liver Detox)

Long Lasting Effects 


Light Therapy For Pets

Pets love our light! We help with: Pain (e.g. back pain, neck pain); Limping or lameness; Torn or Sprained Ligaments; Weakness and wobbliness; Skin conditions (e.g. rashes); Post-surgical recovery; Arthritis; Sprains & Strains; Nerve disorders; SInus issues: Gut and Autoimmune; Disc problems; Muscle, tendon, & other soft tissue injuries; and more.

Light Therapy for Horses

The patented and FDA-approved LightMD™ system is used to stimulate the horse’s own natural healing response to accelerate healing and injury recovery by almost 50% of standard prognosis. It uses flexible, polymeric pads containing over 1200 LEDs to produce intense soothing red and near infrared pulsed light.

LightMD™ is superior to other light therapy devices in its ability to provide the different frequencies optimized for an injured area, whether skin, tissue, muscle etc.

Light Therapy, while useful on many equine conditions, has been particularly effective for sport horses on:

  • Injury prevention
  • Suspensory Injuries
  • Hoof health including laminitis
  • Lameness
  • Neck/back pain
  • Post-injury conditioning


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Let us
help you heal.

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