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  • Fill out application for availability
  • 30 Day rental period, with 1st right of refusal for extending rental period.
  • Rental includes LightMD machine and all necessary parts for use intended.
  • Two hour training session will take place day of delivery to ensure safe & proper use
  • Pre-Training Video (60 min), must be watched before setting up delivery
  • Consultation Included
  • Phone, Text, Email support

Lightmd sales

Request more information by submitting a sales inquiry. 

Light Academy

Through the Light Academy’s online curriculum, you’ll learn exactly what Light is and how we can use it to optimize our health and well-being.

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UltraRed wants to emphasize that we are not licensed medical doctors. We are neither diagnosing, treating, curing, prescribing nor preventing any illness or disease.

​We are not licensed in any medical field and we encourage you to seek or continue using licensed medical help with your ailments.