Our LightMD historic paper on the successful treatment of COVID-19 using whole-organ LED photobiomodulation has now been published in the highly-respected peer-reviewed Journal of Biophotonics published by Wiley (the world’s largest publishing house).

Illuminating Wellness: An Interview with Brooke McKeever of UltraRed LightMD

Discover how Brooke McKeever, founder of UltraRed LightMD, transformed her life and career through the power of red light therapy. From overcoming a debilitating car accident to building a thriving business with her husband, Brooke shares her journey into the world of Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy and her dedication to holistic health and wellness. Learn more in her exclusive MysticMag interview.

Healing With Light: How Light Therapy Is Revolutionizing The Way We Treat Pain

Brooke and Jeff McKeever founded UltraRed Light Therapy, a wellness clinic specializing in treating its clients with pulsating light, also known as Phototherapy. Both Brooke and Jeff have experienced the extensive benefits of light therapy after they separately experienced life-altering injuries that left them in constant pain. 

– The National Digest

IFAH Award

Brooke Luciano was recognized by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare, and awarded the IFAH Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award.

FOX News Report

Brooke and Jeff showcase the light therapy device and its use in the treatment of inflammation, wounds, aches, pains and the strengthening of the immune system.

A New You, light therapy that can bring healing and longevity

A discussion with Brooke Luciano, where she shares her story on how getting light therapy changed her life so drastically that she decided to help others through the same approach.​

PABR Institute Interview

Interview with Dr. Amy Novotny, founder of the PABR® Institute, whose mission it is to provide pain, stress and anxiety relief to those who seek a naturalistic form of treatment. 

Brooke dives into what is light therapy, how it works to improve cellular functioning and how it acts to stimulate healing at the cellular level. She explains what happens when a person undergoes light therapy for pain, how light pads are used and how the different wavelengths and frequencies are determined for the injured area. She outlines the wide variety of conditions it helps, 
shares stories of those who she has helped and explains why she is a firm believer in its benefits.

Red Light Therapy Uses & Benefits

A discussion in which Brooke Luciano shares the story on how getting light therapy changed her life so drastically that she decided to pursue helping others through the same approach.​

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